About us

Dina Försäkringar consists of six independent insurance companies with offices in many locations across Sweden. All the local companies have their own local names but have the Dina Försäkringar brand in common. We are the country's fifth largest non-life insurer and we have more than 367 000 vehicles, 145 000 households, 41 000 farms and 39 000 companies as customers. Our annual premium income is SEK 2,8 billion.

Insurances for all your needs

We sell most types of non-life insurances and we are constantly developing our product range. Our focus is insurance solutions for private customers, agricultural businesses and small to medium-sized companies. Private customers can insure their homes, holiday homes, vehicles, boats and pets. We also provide accident and health insurance for both children and adults, and we help farmers and corporate customers to insure their entire business.

You can find information in English about our most common insurance products for private consumers below.

Our history

Dina Försäkringar has evolved from the parish agreements that were established in Sweden already in the 1300s. This eventually resulted in the formation of the first two parish companies in 1768 in Dalsland and on the border between Småland, Halland and Skåne. These companies were followed by many. The cooperation between the companies developed through the years and in 1987 a joint reinsurance and service company was formed. Twenty years later, in 2006, the parish group took the name Dina Försäkringar.