Accident plus with health insurance

You may have accident insurance through your employer. It usually only covers you at work. Therefore it is important that you get your own insurance, which also covers you during your free time and provides coverage for both illness and accidents. Did you know that is more common to sustain permanent injury caused by illness than by accidents?

Accident Plus with Health Insurance provides compensation for various events in life – big and small. For example, you may be hospitalized for a few days or get injuries that last for the rest of your life.

Examples of how our insurance can help

  • SEK 100/day if you are hospitalized
  • SEK 500 for emergency hospitalization
  • SEK 52,500 (1 price base amount*) for serious illness, for example cancer
  • Up to SEK 1,575,000 (30 price base amounts*) for permanent injury or if you are unable to work.

* 1 price base amount is SEK 52,500 kr (2023).

You choose the insurance amount based on your needs and your wallet - SEK 525,000 (10 price base amounts*), SEK 1,050,000 (20 price base amounts*) or SEK 1,575,000 (30 price base amounts*). This insurance can be purchased by people aged 18–55 and it can be maintained until the age of 67.