Vacation house insurance

Our vacation house insurance covers both the building and your belongings. You are also covered if you should end up in a lawsuit concerning the vacation house. Third-party liability as a property owner is also included.

What's included in the insurance


Here are some examples of events for which you can receive compensation through your insurance:

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Leakage
  • Fire or lightning
  • Damage caused by weather related events (such as storms, hail, flood)
  • Damage to installations and household appliances
  • Damage to food in freezer
  • Pest control


If you as a property owner receive a claim for third-party injuries we will:

  • Help you investigate whether you are liable for the injury,
  • Help you negotiate with the counterpart,
  • Represent you in the event of court action and pay your legal costs,
  • Pay the damages for which you are liable.

Legal assistance

If you as owner of the second home become involved in a legal dispute, you can get reimbursement for an attorney and court expenses.

Additional coverage

If you would like even better coverage, we can offer additional insurances.

All-risk building

With all-risk building coverage, you will be compensated if your house or garden is damaged through a sudden and unforseen event. If you for example should drop something that damages the floor or tip over a can of paint.


If someone rent your home our rental insurance can compensate you if the tenant cause theft or damage.

Small boat

With our small boat insurance, you can receive compensation if your boat is damaged or stolen.

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