Boat insurance

Sailing boat or motor boat? It makes no difference, this is where captains, Sunday sailors and everyone else who likes to take to the water can read more about our boat insurance.

With our boat insurance, you can feel protected if anything should happen to your boat, whether it’s on the water or on land.

This is always included in your insurance

The insurance applies to you who owns the boat, but also if you lend the boat to someone. Below, you can see some examples of what is covered by your insurance policy.

Marine loss

When the boat is in the water, you can receive compensation for running aground, collisions, capsizing or other sudden and unforeseen outside events.


If you have a problem while out to sea, 24/7 assistance is included. You can get help with being towed free, towing to the nearest mechanic, transport of fuel or engine consultation by telephone. You can also get information about things like the weather and bridge opening times.

On-shore damage and damage in transit

You can get compensation if the boat is damaged while on land, when being launched, being brought on land or being transported.


The insurance policy covers you if your boat is damaged by fire, a lightning strike or an explosion.


If you are the victim of theft or vandalism to your boat, engine or accessories for your boat, you can get compensation though the insurance policy.

Compensation for disruption in the event of theft

If you are victim of theft or vandalism to your boat or boat engine in the period May to September, you can receive compensation of SEK 200 per day for up to 30 days.

Engine damage

You can receive compensation if the engine suffers sudden and unexpected damage. The cover applies to engines that are up to eight years old.

Crisis therapy

If you suffer a serious injury that is subject to compensation under the boat insurance policy, we can also help you with up to ten sessions with a psychologist.


If you as the driver or passenger suffer an accidental injury when the boat is being used, you can receive compensation for medical invalidity (permanent impairment of bodily function) or death.

Liability cover

If you cause an injury to a person or damage to property, you may be liable to pay damages. The liability cover applies not just to you as the owner, but also someone who is using the boat with your permission. If you are subject to a claim for damages, we will help you to:

  • Investigate whether you are liable to pay damages,
  • Negotiate with the person who is claiming damages,
  • Plead your case at a trial and pay your court costs and the damages you are liable to pay.

Legal cover

If you, as a boat owner, or someone who is using the boat with your permission ends up in a legal dispute, you can get help with legal and court costs.

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